My niece’s doll collection.

Last night, a group of ladies from my work went to see the movie ‘Magic Mike’. I was all set to go with them, but then I remembered that I was on ‘auntie duty’. Children, unlike adults, take  promises very seriously. When I said to them a few weeks ago “I’ll stop by and hang with you guys while I’m on vacation”, no reason in the world would have been good enough for my breaking that promise. So I went. As always, I had a wonderful time. The oldest, Buddy, spent most of his time playing  Call of Duty:Black Ops (or “Collie Duty: Black Hops”, as the middle child calls it), Baby-Doll, (the middle child) and I played with her huge Barbie collection, and Muffin, the baby, was (and is) a kinetic ball of energy who spent most of the evening running, jumping, and somersaulting around the house (if this kid doesn’t become a pro athlete when he grows up I will be very surprised)

I’m sad I missed out on a girl’s night out, but I’m happy I spent the evening with 3 of my favourite people on earth 😀

We tumbled.

Yes, this is his real hair

Played dress-up.

Baby-Doll posing for the camera.

…and took a much-needed break.

Buddy resting his eyes after being taken out by allergies and too much gaming.

Yep, I made the right choice.

Blessings 🙂



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