My nephew, Muffin, is a lovely and unusual little boy. His hobbies are running, jumping, tackling people when they’re lying down, trying on other people’s shoes…and opening the door when you’re in the bathroom.

The first time it happened to me, I was at his parents’ house. I had taken the bus there from work, greeted everyone with a hug and a kiss, and ran for the washroom. (Two venti coffees in a 3 hour span, plus a 50 minute bus ride? Not good.)  Unbeknownst to me, Muffin was close behind. I heard the doorknob turning, but I assumed I locked it so I didn’t get up. Except, the door wasn’t locked, because the next thing I saw was Muffin casually strolling in while I was seated. He smiled at me, then pointed at the toilet and said, “Poop!”

(For the record, it wasn’t. He just likes to say that word)

Naturally, I did what any rational, clear-headed adult would do in my (vulnerable) position; I yelled for his mother.

My sister-in-law came from the other room to retrieve her son and told me, “This is why we lock the door. He does this all the time!”

She was right. On Saturday, Muffin and his family stopped by for brunch. This picture was taken after he tried unsuccessfully to get into the bathroom with his mother. At first, he stood at the door, knocking and screaming, “Mama? Mama! MAMA! Poop?” (He did this for about 2 minutes)

When I told him that his Mom would be out soon, he decided to lie down on the floor and try to look into the bathroom instead.

What an adorable little character. And by “character” I mean “weirdo.  (I love you, Muffin!)

Happy Monday 🙂



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