For the past couple of days, I have been spending a lot of quality time with Buddy, Baby-Doll, and Muffin. (My niece and nephews)

Baby-Doll likes to commandeer my computer to play games on Nick Jr.

Buddy is content to play video games, look up video game cheats on the internet, and talk to you about video games.

Muffin likes to run, jump, and roll. (If he doesn’t end up participating in the 2030 summer Olympics as an athlete I will be shocked)

Yesterday, I happened to be watching the Olympics on my computer when Muffin toddled into the room. After saying hello, he climbed into my lap and watched synchronized swimming with me. Whenever the women emerged from the water, Muffin would point at the screen and shout, “Ducks!”

I guess he figured that ducks are the only ones who splash around in the water, so in his mind, Splashing=ducks.

I love  toddler logic 🙂


This routine is awesome, by the way 🙂


Later that day, I caught Muffin trying to imitate the synchronized swimmers/”ducks”. The kid is definitely a natural athlete!

Have a great Tuesday 😀



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