1. Having friends who “get” me. I may be overstating this, but I’m a pretty difficult person to get to know. I rarely react to things in conventional ways, and I’m not annoyed by things that bother most people. I’m sarcastic, severe, and kind of moody…and I have a best friend who understands all of that and loves me anyway. That’s great. 😀
  2. Alone Time. I will always stress the importance of spending some time alone. I’m not advocating total isolation–that’s usually a sign of trouble, but spend some time with your own thoughts, opinions, and feelings. It’s amazing what you find out about yourself when you’ve had a chance to get away from the crowd.
  3. Reading. This wouldn’t be the same list if I didn’t mention reading! Last week I read a book about how being bullied as a kid can help a person have a more clearly defined sense of self. I also read a book about how 6 different people handle the same job. I read them within hours of each other and they both took me to totally different places.
  4. People who care. For every self-serving politician, over-indulgent celebrity, and greedy opportunist, there are thousands of faceless, nameless people who work every day to make someone else’s life better. They could do it in small ways, like encouraging someone or paying for their lunch. But there are many more who donate to the food bank, volunteer at homeless shelters, or advocate for those who have fewer than the bare necessities. Not everyone is a Christian, but anyone who takes the time to take care of widows, orphans, and the homeless is doing God’s work. (Whether they want to or not!)
  5. Employment. My mother always told me never to despise small beginnings. My dad told me that no job was menial if it paid an honest wage. With that in mind, I am thankful for my job because, while I’m not the CEO (or even the manager), I have the privilege to earn a decent living doing something that doesn’t exploit me. Not everyone can say the same thing.
  6. Universal healthcare. In a few days I will need to get a new prescription for my glasses. I will pay out-of-pocket for the replacement, but I’ll be reimbursed by my healthcare provider. I am thankful for this because I cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars for anything–let alone something that should be a basic right.
  7. Music. I just love it.
  8. Make up. For making me look less sleepy.
  9. Customer service reps who are kind. Believe it or not, this is rare. So when people are genuinely kind and caring it makes doing something as mundane as shopping much more enjoyable.
  10. Iced coffee. Because it’s like frozen liquid energy. Plus, it’s yummy.

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