Here’s what is on my mind today:


After 31 years of living on this earth, I have come to the shocking realization that everyone, including me, is a snob. I, for example, am a book snob. There are certain genres–ahem, romance– that I refuse to read based solely on my snobbery. I do acknowledge that one of my favourite authors, Jane Austen, is responsible for the current template of most modern romance novels, but I’m not into “bodice-rippers”, and I’m ashamed to say that I often judge people who are. (I also refuse to read anything that is popular, and I’m the person who says stuff like, “Hunger Games? Oh yeah, I read that before all the hype”.).  I have a coworker who is a music snob. He believes that all of the truly great music was made in the 70s and everything produced after that is garbage. (I vehemently disagree)

My cousin is a discount shopping snob. Whenever I buy new clothes, she always tells me how she bought something similar for at least $20 cheaper. She looks down on people who pay the retail price, and is totally smug about her ability to find a great bargain. I once had an acquaintance who was a Christian snob. She made a big fuss whenever someone did something that she felt was un-Christian. Like drinking wine (with dinner), listening to secular music (like Marvin Gaye), and smoking. To her, Christianity was an exclusive club, and anyone who didn’t follow the rules–as she interpreted them–was kicked out. Fortunately, God isn’t as strict. I do know that as a Christian I have to live my life by a certain standard. However, one of those standards is not looking down on people because they don’t follow the same list of rules and regulations. In my opinion, what matters most to God is the condition of our hearts, and if we are willing to call ourselves Christians, we’d better be able to prove it by how well we love others. (Hint: Not by judging them.)

In January, I made two promises to myself; One was to read 100 books by the end of December 2012, and the other was to be honest. I have a tendency to lie, exaggerate, and conceal my true feelings when I feel as though the truth won’t be sufficient. It’s an old habit from childhood that I don’t need any more. With four months left in the year, I’ve read 69 books, and I don’t tell pointless lies anymore. Hurray for keeping promises!

I recently started wearing glasses again after vision in my nearsighted right eye got worse. Ever the princess, I picked out mostly designer frames (I can’t help it. Those are the ones that I liked most :P) and settled on a pair of brown tortoiseshells made by Coach. It’s weird adjusting to wearing them. I keep taking them off because my eyes are tired…and then I realize that I can’t see as well without them. The only reason I opted out of getting contact lenses is because I hate digging in my eyes.

I am definitely going to miss watching So You Think You Can Dance once it’s over. If I could vote, I’d pick Chehon and Eliana to win. They’ve been two of my favourites since the beginning, but the entire top 20 were also great.

I have been known to drop “truth bombs” on unsuspecting people. The last time I did it, I was talking to my dad about his diet–after we found a stash of cookies. Before I could figure out what was happening, I launched into a “I want you around for a very long time…” speech, and began to warn him about the dangers of eating extra sugar while diabetic. I also told him that I can’t control what he eats, but for as long as I’m in his presence, I will remind him to take  good care of himself.

Well, that’s what was on my mind this Thursday, I hope you’re all enjoying your day 🙂





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