Here’s what is on my mind today:


When it comes to handling discomfort, I think introverts have a slight advantage over our more extroverted peers.

For example, I don’t like small talk–at all–but having to engage in small talk with everyone from the lady standing in front of me at the grocery store to the mail carrier, has helped me override that signal in my brain that says, “this is annoying”.

As a result, situations that would annoy most people don’t bother me because I’ve trained my brain to disregard minor frustrations (like meaningless conversation).

I don’t sweat the small stuff because I can always focus on something else. (Another benefit of being an introvert)

Mitt Romney has gone and put his proverbial foot in his proverbial mouth–again.

This time, he was secretly recorded (gotta love smartphones) during a ritzy campaign fundraiser, alienating 47% of the population of the country he wants to lead.

(How could they think they’re entitled to food, shelter, and affordable healthcare? It’s almost as though they believe that the President is supposed to serve the needs of his constituents. Moochers.)

Eliana and Chechon were voted America’s Favourite Dancers on the So You Think You Can Dance finale. I totally called it. 😀

My extended family shows affection by insulting each other. A few months ago, I saw one of my aunts in the grocery store. After the cursory hug and kiss, she exclaimed, “Look at you, you skinny b*tch!”  From anyone else, those would be fighting words, but from my auntie it’s a term of endearment. (Yep, that’s dysfunctional)

Last Sunday, I finally conquered my fear of public speaking,by praying in church, in front of the entire congregation. I don’t remember everything that I said, but I do remember saying that we’re all here to love one another.

Speaking of love, I have discovered that it is possible to be nice to someone that you don’t like. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

This song has taken over the world. (And  also, my brain. I exercise to it. Push ups are a lot of  fun when set to music)

In the run of a day, I listen to people whine, curse, talk about how much they hate “organized religion”, and gossip, but the second I make any reference to God, church, or Jesus, I’m accused of trying to “preach”.

I’m a Christian. It isn’t my religion; it’s who I am. By mentioning my beliefs–even in passing– I’m not trying to make you agree with me. We all have something–or someone that helps us get through life, and the fact that I choose Jesus doesn’t mean that I’m expecting you to do the same.  (So now you can relax.)

My nephew, Buddy has a girlfriend. Thus, I am getting old.

A few weeks ago I ordered a bunch of stuff online. It all arrived today, much to the consternation of my parents, who picked me up from work today. (My reasoning: “I hate shopping malls! I refuse to set foot in a mall to buy anything!”) I’m fussy.

That’s all.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Erie 🙂










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