Last month, my posts were sporadic at best. I thought that giving each day a theme (i.e. ‘Talking About God Tuesday’, and ‘Off The Cuff Thursday’) would give me an incentive to blog every day. I was wrong. So, on top of finishing my 100 book reading challenge, (8 books left!) I will be posting something every day this month. Oh Yay šŸ™‚

I work two Saturdays a month now, and I’ve got to say, I like working them. Saturday is typically my one day to relax (and do my laundry. There’s no way I’m doing that mess during the week!) But, since I’m up early anyway, (I wake up at 5 am during the week. On weekends, I sleep in until 6:15) I may as well be doing something–and getting paid. Monday used to be my favourite work day because it’s the most busy, (I love having something to do–workaholic : P) but right now Saturday is giving it some serious competition.

I don’t always speak to people when they say hello to me. Most of the time it’s because I am really not paying attention Ā because I’m thinking about something (or I can’t hear them–thanks to my iPod). I also think it’s weird for people to say ‘hello’ every time they see you. I think one “hello” is enough, but some don’t agree. I conscientiously object to the multiple “hello” rule. You’ve been notified.

My mother is an exceedingly wise woman. One of the best pieces of advice she has ever offered me is, “Don’t let people who don’t love you to have an effect on how you live your life.” Thanks to her awesome leadership, as well as her emphasis on having a relationship with God, I can be who I was born to because I know that I am loved. No matter what.

I’m currently readingĀ The IdiotĀ by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (My second Dostoyesky this year, and my third overall). I’m nearly halfway through, and personally I think the Prince is adorable. šŸ™‚

Have a great day!

Peace šŸ˜Ž



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