This is what is on my mind today:

Not Your Grandfather’s Evening News:  To date,  I have heard more  news reporting about that phone prank (which wouldn’t have been as tragic if the media had just left the nurse out of it), a rhesus monkey walking around IKEA  in a cute shearling coat, and fiscal cliffs, than I have about the aftermath of the typhoon in the Philippines, the ongoing turmoil in Syria, and the new protests in Egypt combined. Again, our priorities are strange.

Go Hard Or Go Home:  Yesterday, I set a personal record at work by breaking down 6 pallets of product in 4 hours. Sure, it took me an additional hour to clean up the mess I made afterward, but the point is I did it (I had help from my coworker, who, to  protect his privacy, I will refer to as “Hercules”. He moved all of the giant stuff). Thank God that I moved them so quickly! Two pallets showed up later that day, and seven more pallets of books and toys were delivered this morning. Sigh.

More Fun Than Sitting On The Couch:   Speaking of which, I am so glad I committed to maintaining an active lifestyle as a young person. I would not have had the stamina to move 6 pallets in four hours otherwise.

One Good Turn Deserves Another: On Tuesday a lady who I occasionally give boxes to, dropped by my work and gave me a card, some homemade sugar cookies,  a letter, and a box of chocolates. The boxes I normally  give her are the leftovers that would have otherwise been thrown in the recycling bin, and I don’t mind sharing. (Plus it saves me from having to place them in the bin. Anything to improve efficiency!) It’s a small act of kindness, but, as she wrote in her letter, 82,000 new moms were given books for their infants because I gave her our spare boxes. I’ve loved books since I was a toddler, and the fact that I’m indirectly passing on the love of reading warms my heart.

Everyone Needs A Grown-Up Friend:  I have decided that everyone needs at least one well-adjusted, mature friend, who isn’t needy, gossipy, envious, spiteful, or co-dependent. They’re great because they’ve been through a lot (grown-up friends are at least 10 years older than you). They will call you on your bratty, self-indulgent behaviour because they aren’t dazzled by how fabulous you are, and they will tell you the truth–even when it hurts–because they love you. Like family, they care about you too much to allow you to live a substandard life, and they offer advice, support, and excellent company. I have a few grown-up friends and I highly recommend having one. (Or twelve!)

Fix Up, Look Sharp: In spite of the fact that I spend 40 hours a week in a warehouse, I wear make-up every day. My standard uniform is a collared black shirt (because anything lighter coloured is filthy by the end of the day), dark denim jeans, and steel-toed boots (Plus a hoodie or two because it’s drafty in the warehouse). If I don’t wear make-up, I look like a teenage girl, which, isn’t a bad thing, but I’m tired of answering the question, “So when do you graduate from high school?” (13 years ago). I also wear it because it’s a fun way to express my personal style.  Outside of work I usually wear dressy tops with slacks or nice jeans, or oversize shirts and yoga pants when I’m home. I believe it’s important to dress your age because believe it or not, your clothes can age you–for better or for worse.

Talking About God: I’m really vocal about my beliefs because I know I would not be the person I am today without God’s presence in my life. Sometimes I come across as ‘preachy’ or as though I have it all together, but I don’t. I, like everyone else in this world, am still learning. I am still a work in progress, and I am willing to share what I do know in the hope that it might help someone else. When I became a Christian, I made a promise to put God first. Since I place God first, I cannot (and will not) look down on other people because He loves them also. I have more confidence, peace, security, and love because of my relationship with God, and I am not shy about sharing it. Each person has to choose his or her own path toward wisdom. I like mine.


That’s about all I could fit today 😀




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