As a rule, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. Instead, I set goals that I plan to achieve before the end of the year. Every year, I choose a word that represents an area I need to work on. In 2010, that word was peace. In 2011, it was courage, and in 2012, I chose maturity. I’m choosing two words for 2013. One is focus, and the other is simplicity. I like challenging situations, so I have a tendency to complicate situations that aren’t complicated. That will change this year. I will also do everything on this list, so help me God.

  1. Get my driver’s licence.
  2. Read 100 more books.
  3. Volunteer my time to a worthy cause.
  4. Be more generous than I was last year.
  5. Make a concerted effort to keep my sarcasm to a minimum. (I will need a lot of help with this one!)
  6. Read the books I actually own before buying new ones. (Ditto)
  7. Follow the greatest commandment better than I did last year.
  8. Meditate more often about positive things.
  9. Take more of an interest in other people.
  10. Cook more meals.
  11. Get rid of unnecessary clutter.
  12. Spend less time gossiping, criticizing, and complaining, and more time complimenting, encouraging, and expressing gratitude.
  13. Socialize more. (Hey, if I get bored I can just pull out a book so I can finish my challenge ;))

Notice, I didn’t put anything regarding fitness. I’ve been committed to maintaining a healthy weight through exercise since I was in junior high. I don’t imagine that will change any time soon.

Happy 2013 Everyone!

Erie 🙂


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