This is what was on my mind today:

  • I am Canadian. Hence, I complain loudly about the weather, especially in the winter. When it is snowing, I’m whining about how inconvenient it is. When it is raining, I’m whining about how much I like snow. When it is sunny but cold, I complain about how cold it is. Basically, no matter what the weather is like, I will find some fault with it. Last week I watched a CBC documentary called Life Below Zero. It was about how people who live in cold climates either embrace, or reject the cold. In Russia, for example, they embrace the cold. They dance outside, eat ice cream in sub-zero temperature, and barbecue. In the snow. After watching how the Russian do it, I was inspired to stop my whining and embrace the cold. I hate freezing temperatures, and always crank up the heat in my house, but since I am Canadian by birth, I must accept winter–as it is–with stoicism.




  • Why I Watch The News. I like watching the news because it keeps me informed about what is going on in the rest of the world. In seeing what other people have to deal with, I cannot justifiably complain about my life. I have a home. I have a job that pays reasonably well. I have more luxury items than a lot of people can afford. Recently, a young woman in India died after being brutally raped and beaten while riding a bus. I can say, with honesty that the worst thing that has happened to me while riding public transit is sitting by a woman who was clipping her toenails. I’m confused by people who say, “Well, telling me bout how other people are suffering doesn’t make me feel better about my life.” It’s not supposed to make us feel better about our lives. If anything, watching the news is one of my worst anxiety triggers. Then again, it does give me perspective. While my problems are catastrophic to me, to someone who lives with catastrophe every day, they are minor irritations. If millions of people can live in warzones, with corrupt governments, countries where personal freedoms are minimum at best, and regions where food and resources are scarce, I can live with sitting on a bus with a guy that smells like mold.




  • Meditation. I had a conversation about meditation with my coworkers today. We came to the consensus that the three of us are not very good at meditating. Actually, the only time I can meditate successfully is when I am doing something repetitive and tedious because I can concentrate without having to “clear my mind”. I am a thinker, so I can never clear my mind completely.



  • Another year, another challenge. In 2012, I read 100 books. In 2013, I hope to read 100 more. I’m currently reading Emma by Jane Austen, and I really like it. I do not like the character Emma though because she’s a conceited busy-body. She means well, but, as the old saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I think she may win me over in the end, but so far I think she needs to butt out of everyone else’s lives. (Sidenote: I know that Clueless was based on this book, so I can’t help but draw comparisons between the two. Cher was just as nosy. )



I hope 2013 is treating you well.




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