I’m not chronologically old. Well, at least, I don’t think so. My niece told me that while, 32 is old, I am still a little girl because I am not married and don’t have any babies. (Wonder whom she heard that from? I blame my Nana)  I am “old” in the sense that I tend to gravitate toward things that people twice my age really enjoy. For example, my favourite radio station is CBC radio Canada. It features  a lot of news, pop culture,  shows about books, and radio plays. I don’t whine much, but when I do, it’s about the music the kids are listening to these days, and the weather. I like few things better than a quiet night in, with a cup of tea, watching Masterpiece Theatre. I like documentaries, books about modern history, and classical music. I have the propensity to say whatever is on my mind, regardless of the consequences. I value a good night’s rest over a night on the town. I use phrases like, “night on the town”. I’m not easily offended, but when I am, I address it immediately (i.e. “Hey what’s with the back-handed compliment you just gave me? That’s some bull!”). I believe in God, and not in an ironic way. It takes me a while to adapt to new technology. I bought my first cell phone in 2006. I received my first mp3 player in 2007, and I didn’t start using it until after my Discman died. I didn’t upgrade my cell phone until 2010 and chose a slightly better talk and text phone because I didn’t see the point of  owning a smartphone.  I don’t abbreviate text messages. I have faith in humanity–no matter how rotten people behave, and I believe that children respected their elders more when I was young. I believe that prayer works. Hard work is always rewarded, even if it comes just by knowing you did a good job. Persistence is more valuable than raw talent, and making mistakes gives you character.

Love is the most powerful feeling on the planet because not only can it spur us into action, the presence of love can change our lives for the better. I read more than I watch T.V.. I have no idea how to make a gif. I don’t believe that anarchy is a viable political movement because, without order, our society would collapse. I like sensible shoes. (Mind you, my paternal grandmother wore stilettos until she wasn’t able to, but I digress) I don’t understand Pokemon. I love to read. Most of my pajamas are flannel. I don’t have much patience for foolishness. I am devoted to my family, and loyal to my friends but God more important to me than any of them. I don’t know any teenage slang. I use  “Carpe Diem” instead of “You Only Live Once”. (And I never use YOLO. Ew.) I like reading the book before I see the film adaptation. I’m frugal, except for the times when I want to treat my self. I mentioned reading twice in this paragraph and didn’t see a problem with that.  I like talking about theories and ideas more than I like talking about people. I sing to myself when I’m happy. I’m satisfied enough with my life to be content, but not too complacent to change it. I have a list for everything. I’m a kind of book snob.

I forgot what else I was going to write.

Have a great day 🙂




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