Whenever I get new followers, I feel obligated to give a short (ha!) introduction about the person I am I am and why I blog. It all started just over three years ago. My anxiety and depression were at an all-time high, and I needed something to take my mind off of my troubles. At the time, I had no interest in Jesus, in spite of the fact that I went to church every Sunday. (I’ve since amended that stance and a lot of my writings are reflective of that)

So I started blogging. I chose Tumblr because it was the least intimidating to me. If I didn’t have anything of my own to post, I could just reblog something posted by someone else. It was fun, and eventually I felt comfortable enough to add some of my own writing. When it was well-received, no one was more surprised than me.

I’d always assumed that my blog would be some type of vanity project. I posted things I liked because I liked them. I didn’t even consider that anyone would want to “follow” me. I’m still surprised by how many people are still interested in my random quotes, reblogged photos of books, and my Community “fan-girling”.

In June of last year, I started this blog. I needed a forum where I could practice my writing, and I intended to make it private. But I didn’t, and I’ve been publishing my long-winded rambling  publicly ever since. I don’t know how I would categorize this site. It’s equal parts pop-culture, Christianity, hobbies, reading, nail polish, and whatever else I’m interested in.

Whatever I decide to post, I’m thankful to you all for reading–especially the stuff you don’t agree with. (Fair warning: I’ll be posting a lot of things people don’t agree with!)

Anyway, I hope you like what you read here. If you don’t, I’ll be posting it anyway because it’s my blog. 😛



(Hey, what do you know, it was short.Yay! Progress!)


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