It all started with a Facebook app. One of my friends sent me a request for a “Which Mighty Woman of the Bible Are You?” quiz. Normally, I hate app requests (I block anyone who sends them to me), but for some reason I decided to do this one. After answering all the questions, (and skipping the requisite “Invite all your friends…” spam), my results were posted.

I got Deborah.

Truthfully, I was unimpressed.

I was thinking, ‘I’m beautiful and brave, so I’m Esther!’. Wrong.

‘Diligent and loyal, Ruth’. Nope.

‘Pure and faithful like Mary’. Negative.

Instead, I got Deborah. Some random “Mighty Woman” that I knew nothing about.

I was disappointed until I read Deborah’s story (Starting in Judges 4). I soon found out that there is nothing “random” about Deborah. Not only was she a female ruler in a patriarchal society, she was a judge, and a prophet. She was strong, confident, and wise— but also really tough and decisive. Plus, she was fully dependent on the LORD to make provision for her and the people of Israel. While Miriam was the first mentioned female prophet, Deborah was a prophet, and a judge. She is also one of a handful of people who has a song written for her directly after her story. (The Song of Deborah is Judges 5)

I was ashamed by my ignorance. It might be just a silly Facebook test, but if I’m a “Deborah”, that is an honor worth praising God for. It’s funny how a quiz helped me realize the importance of studying my Bible more. Sure I have a few verses memorized, but there’s still so much I haven’t learned. I pray that I never get to the point where I think, “I’ve arrived! And I have learned everything I need to know!” because honestly, that would be the beginning of a long spiritual and intellectual death.

It takes all kinds of parts to help a body function well. Every bone, organ, and cell in your body has its designated role and all must work together. How fitting that we as Christians are called the body of Christ. We all have different roles, but every single one of us is important to God. Don’t ever feel intimidated by your age, or your stature. If you have been called by God, you’re already accepted. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Deborah. Or a Mary. Or a David. Or a Job (bless his heart). Know that you can be used, by God to show the world His love and grace.

And it all started with an app.




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