Typically, my ‘Sharing Saturday’ posts are all about me–actually, who am I kidding? This whole blog is all about me!

However, today I am going to switch gears and show you some of the things that I have found interesting, inspiring, useful, and funny. After all, that’s what sharing is all about.

1. Imagine. I have to admit, this video made me tear up a bit. As soon as I watched it, I posted it to both my FB and Twitter accounts. The amount of damage that hate and ignorance have done to the world is irreparable, but we can educate ourselves to make sure we don’t keep making the same mistakes. (Also, don’t read the comments.)

2. Train Your Brain. When I saw the first commercial for this site (Lumosity), I was skeptical. I gave it a try because I’m planning on getting my driver’s licence and I wanted to learn how to fine-tune my peripheral vision. Four months later, and my score went from 203 in my first week, to 1287 today. At first, I was annoyed that I had to pay for it…but then I got addicted to the games, and all of the sudden, paying one lump sum for a year wasn’t such a big deal.

3. This article about sex. Contrary to popular belief, teaching one’s children about sex does not make them want to do it. I grew up with a mom who was both a Christian, and a public health nurse. Needless to say, I was taught very early that, while abstinence is the best way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, knowing that there is contraception available is also important. I was also taught this in school, and (somehow) did not end up becoming a promiscuous person. You cannot ‘scare’ people away from having sex, but you can give them enough information so that if/when they do it, they won’t end up becoming another statistic.

4. Study To Show Yourself Approved. However, studying your Bible still may not prevent you from becoming a victim of spiritual abuse. Many of the people you will find in a church are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They will use the Bible to justify manipulating others, abusing their authority, and encouraging people to remain in spiritual bondage. My rule of thumb: if what you are being told to do is not edifying, encouraging, or hopeful;  if it is not given with a spirit of love or peace; if it causes confusion rather than bringing clarity; if has no regard for spiritual authority; if it is outwardly rebellious, mentally or physically harmful, or inherently controlling, it is not from God.

Thank you to all of the bloggers who have brought attention to this very serious issue. (Check here for more information, stories and links)

5. This website. Sometimes all you need to relax is a nice, soothing song, and a website that is completely devoid of notifications, beeps, pop-ups, and “like” buttons.

6. OK…One Thing About Me: This week, I received two suggestions that, for some reason, just “clicked”. The first came courtesy of my cousin, who nonchalantly asked me what my future plans were. When I told her, she not only told me which school *not* to go to, but she also offered suggestions as to which type of study I’d be best suited for.

The second suggestion was given last evening by my mom’s best friend (and my adopted auntie). It’s too new for me to go into great detail, but basically, once she said it I was like, “Oh, I am so there!” There’s a reason that this is happening at this point in my life, and I am grateful to God for placing such caring and knowledgeable people in my life.

That’s all I felt like sharing for today. Have a great day, wherever you are.

♥ Erie


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