Have you ever had one of those instances where you just know that something is not, right? At first, it is something that is easily shrugged off. What is happening may not directly impact the task at hand, but hangs over it like a storm cloud of doom, just waiting to strike, and create havoc.

The more one tries to answer it, the more resistance that person faces. It is not going to give up until it has achieved its expected end. The only other option is to go along with it, but that track also has its drawbacks. In a family, the quiet acceptance of bad behaviour causes a loss of boundaries and disrespect. (AKA. People will not know how to behave in a proper setting) In a business, it means a lack of trust; low morale; and disloyalty due to a loss of faith in the leadership.

The question is: Does a person fight it by making an open display of the opposite view and incur the wrath of others, or does he or she go along with the status quo, and risk losing an influential part of him or herself? Ferocity under control is a worthy adversary to counter wrongdoing. However, fighting for too long can leave a man or woman battle-scarred and bitter.

Sometimes, the battle is not worth the reward; sometimes it is. A person gains wisdom by knowing when to fight and when to bow out humbly. A person also gains strength by battling even though the odds are against them.

In acquiring physical fitness, the cardio workout is very important. It increases stamina, burns more calories, and sets the person up for a healthy and active life. On the other hand, strength training through resistance is how one builds strength, tenacity, and resilience.The more pressure on the body; the stronger the body becomes.

At the time, it seems as though the resistance is the worst thing that can happen, but all resistance has a purpose. Resistance sometimes is a sign that a person is on the right track. Some are a result of the corrupt motives of others. Some resistance is the result of one’s own poor choices.  Some is a delay that affords one time to switch gears and choose a different path, and some aids in a person’s continuous lesson about life.

Everyone has a choice. Even if, one’s circumstances have not changed, he can still gain freedom if he chooses to change his mind. People all over the world fruitlessly chase happiness, when the real catch is contentment regardless of the circumstances.

 Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote,  “You only have power over people as long as you don’t take everything away from them. But when you’ve robbed a man of everything, he’s no longer in your power–he’s free again.” 

True freedom is in a life that is unaffected, not hampered by attachments to things and status. It does not seek validation in the eyes of other people. It does not seek its worth through achievements, and it does not derive its well-being by thriving off of the misery of others.

Whatever life may deliver–and it will bring a lot, make a choice to either accept what happens, or make a concerted effort to change it. If it is not possible to change the situation, work at changing the mindset that made it possible. If a change is not an option, at the least, do not complain. Resorting to constant complaints sends a message that the person is not able to adapt.  Failure to adapt equals a slow decline.

And no one wants that.




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