When I started this blog last year, I didn’t have a set goal. I had a Tumblr page that I occasionally added text posts to, but I wanted a place where I could write all text without feeling as though I was spamming people’s dashboards with my wordiness. I definitely did not expect to have followers (which was okay to me, since this was just a vanity project anyway). However, today I found out that 101 people follow this blog.

I was surprised, but also humbled. I write mostly because it is the only way I can communicate without being interrupted. (In conversations I take so long to think about what I’m going to say next, that people cut me off, and change the subject entirely before I’ve had a chance to finish my thought. Or my sentence.) Fortunately for me–and millions of other introverted bloggers out there, no one can interrupt a blog post to add their own opinion.

The opinions you have read are mine; good, bad, ugly, and contradictory. Even if you don’t read every post, I thank you all for following, commenting on, and “liking” my long-winded, “unapproved-by-English-teachers-everywhere” personal essays/ramblings.

I appreciate all of you.





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