It's funny 'cause it's true.
It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

It’s been awhile since I have published a full post. Rather than apologize for my prolonged absence I am going to offer a simple explanation: I didn’t feel like it.

I had many ideas for topics. Some of them were good, so I’ll revisit them at a later date. Some of them were ridiculous/shamelessly self-indulgent. I like you, readers, so I will not waste your time. This is just a check-in post to let you know that I’m still around, and I still intend to blog regularly.

As a rule, I am not a lazy person. I work hard at most things because I have a commitment to doing a great job. I don’t slack in any way because it is a bad reflection on me. However, the past few weeks, I have made a commitment to taking it easy. I’ve been catching up on my cheesy reality shows (current favourite is Big Brother Australia), reading, purging my massive collection of everything, and getting back into exercise.

When I started blogging, it was just a fun way to practice my writing with no pressure. Now that I have followers who read what I write, I feel more pressure to do a good job. I realize that not everything I post will be awesome, but I do want it to be exciting, amusing, and helpful. That said, the most helpful/amusing/exciting thing that I noticed in the past week is the fact that the American version of Big Brother is a social experiment that tests the resolve of the viewing public (it was awful, y’all!), and the Big Brother in places like Canada (where I live) and Australia focus on testing the resolve of the house mates.

Watching the Australian version of the show with their “halfway house” vs. “luxury house” twist made me think a lot about how those at the top of the economic pyramid have so much control over those who are at the bottom of the pyramid. (I.e. On the launch show, one of the luxury housemates said something like, “We shouldn’t feed them. We have the power to break them.”)  That immediately reminded me of slavery, and how slave masters went to great lengths to break the will of the slaves so they wouldn’t be able to fight back.

The only thing I learned from the American Big Brother is that the housemates can be racist, sexist, abusive, and have an obvious eating disorder while on the show, and instead of remedying the problem, the producers will do everything to hide it. (Hello? We’re not stupid.)

Anyway, I’ll be able to post something deep later in the week. Until then, I will continue to donate/toss/pack my belongings, exercise, read, and relax because I’ve earned the right to do it.

Live well, everyone.


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