I know. You have all been waiting with bated breath, wondering when/if I’d return to impart some of my (imagined) wisdom via blog post. Well, wonder no more. For the past month, I have been preparing myself for the next phase of my life. After 14 years of working in retail, I am going to leave my cushy job to go back to university.

I know what you’re thinking. Is it not irresponsible to leave a well-paying job to take on the world of academics, complete with loans, essays, exams, and bursaries? The short answer is yes. On the other hand, once I graduate, I’ll be able to earn a lot more than I currently make working full time. This plan has been 14 years in the making, and this year I had the means as well as the impetus to finally “get out of dodge” and do something meaningful with my life.

I am forever thankful to my workplace for their aid in shaping me into the person I am today. Had I not lived through the ups and downs of retail, I would not be as resilient, tough, and confident. Difficult situations have a way of making or breaking a person. I haven’t been broken because I can take the good with the bad and learn from all of it.

I truly enjoy the work I’m doing, but my time there is up. I have accomplished everything I cared to, and I have no regrets. It was a temporary position that lasted for 14 years, and I can’t be anything but grateful for that. On the other hand, I’ve outgrown the job, and I wanted to do something else before I became a bitter crone, circling the drain and bringing everyone else down because I’m too complacent to leave and too bitter to stay.

No thanks.

I’m looking forward to my future. At the moment, I’m knee-deep in scholarship applications, apartment hunts, and back and forth emails to the registrar. (I have so many questions! It’s a good thing she’s a nice, patient person.)  I’m purging my massive stash of everything so I won’t have to unpack it later. Through it all,  I am looking to my heavenly Father for guidance. There’s no way I came up with this plan on my own, and as my grandmother says, “If He brought you to it, He will see you through it.”

As one can imagine, that doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing blogs. (I’m camera-shy, so vlogging is out of the question) I haven’t forgotten the people who read this because I’m so humbled by the fact that you do. (I guarantee that the quality of my writing will improve once I’m in school.) Thank you, all, for reading my sporadic posts; cosigning on my observations, and validating my opinions. (Not that they need validating, but it’s still nice.)

I promise to give updates–which will be annoying at first (“I got an apartment!” “Look, snow!” “I got an ‘A’ on my paper!”) but they’ll be worth reading.

Thanks again for reading, and I’ll catch you later!




4 thoughts on “Sharing Sunday:Where Have I Been?!

  1. Congratulations! I am *extremely* happy for you. You inspire me. I never finished my degree with only 2 semesters left. Methodology has completely changed since then in my chosen major. Not very sure I would choose it again. I have been thinking of getting a degree, this time, something I want. You’ve given me even more to consider. Maybe it’s time I do something about it. Thank you.

    1. Thank you! Take it from me, it’s never too late to go back. I was inspired by my friend who just graduated from college at 48! She left a high-powered job and sold her house to become a missionary. I had to give myself the time to figure out what I hoped to achieve by going back to school, and once I did that, it was easy to make the decision. I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do. Blessings!

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