I am a hard worker, but I am also a whiz when it comes to procrastinating. Working with added pressure has always benefited me because my default is relaxing. However, if something is really important to me, the sooner I get it done, the better. Anyway, since I’m already 13 blog posts behind in my blog challenge, I am going to give you my most useful time-wasters.

1. Facebook The grand master of them all. I don’t even play games anymore, yet I’m on Facebook at least once a day, scrolling, liking things, and looking at people’s albums.

2. Lumosity : Money well spent. For those who would like to try it without paid membership, that is an option as well. Fair warning: it’s addictive. I once spent an hour racing a purple penguin through a maze because I wanted a higher score.

3.YouTube: Ugh. The worst. The absolute worst. One innocent view of a toddler biting his older brother’s finger can easily turn into 4 hours of watching cute cat videos, cute dog videos,  Scandal fanvids, or a marathon viewing of online sermons. Avoid it like the plague.

4. Tumblr. Four words: Scrolling in the deep.

5. Vine Thankfully, Vine is more conducive to smartphones and tablets than it is to PCs, but it still has the potential to steal hours away from you, six seconds at a time.

6. Twitter. Quiet as it’s kept, the only time I’m on twitter is when my shows are on. That’s a good 3 hours a week.

7. BuzzFeed Informative, random, and quirky. I can spend hours scrolling through and searching everything, from the latest news on the situation in Kiev, to the best Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode.

8. eBay I’m saving money at the moment so I avoid it like the plague, but when I had lots of disposable income, I spent time and money looking for random things to bid on.

9. Stuff Christians Like It’s funny because a lot of these are based on fact.

10. Staples I am a huge fan of office supplies, and can spend hours window shopping for them.

And now you know why I’ve failed my blog challenge for this month.

Until tomorrow,



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